Moulds for Prototypes

Prototypes continue being an important component in the development process.

Prototype moulds made out of aluminium, which are very similar to the moulds for serial production, allow us to obtain essential synergy effects for the serial parts.  Thus we can draw conclusions about the behaviour of the parts regarding filling, shrinking and warping. As a consequence, the design of the serial mould is made easier.

What distinguishes us?

  • our flexibility
  • our staff
  • our high quality standards
  • our lean production processes (internal vertical range of production nearly 100%)
  • our modern plant and machines

Range of services

  • Design of components and moulds compatible specifically to plastics
  • Mechanical constructions
  • Injection moulding tools: 1K, 2K, MuCell, injection moulding, etc.
  • Tool-holding devices for welding by vibration, rotation, ultrasound and hot gases
  • Production with injection molding machines with closing forces between 20 and 900 tons